Finalist Algorithms

  • Roysam Team
    Contact: Badri Roysam (broysam at
    Wang, Y., Narayanaswamy, A., Tsai, C., & Roysam, B. (2011). A broadly applicable 3-D neuron tracing method based on open-curve snake. Neuroinformatics, 9(2-3): 193-217.

    Narayanaswamy, A., Wang, Y., & Roysam, B. (2011). 3-D image pre-processing algorithms for improved automated tracing of neuronal arbors. Neuroinformatics, 9(2-3): 219-231.
  • Stepanyants Team
    Contact: Armen Stepanyants (a.stepanyants at
    Chothani, P., Mehta, V., & Stepanyants, A. (2011). Automated tracing of neurites from light microscopy stacks of images. Neuroinformatics, 9(2-3): 263-278.
  • Myers Team
    Contact: Gene Myers (myersg at
    Zhao, T., Xie, J., Amat, F., Clack, N., Ahammad, P., Peng, H., Long, F., & Myers, E. (2011). Automated reconstruction of neuronal morphology based on local geometrical and global structural models. Neuroinformatics, 9(2-3): 247-261.
  • González Team (EPFL-CVLAB)
    Contact: Germán González (german.gonzalez at
    Turetken, E., González, G., Blum, C., & Fua, P. (2011). Automated reconstruction of dendritic and axonal trees by global optimization with geometric priors. Neuroinformatics, 9(2-3): 279-302.
  • Bas & Erdogmus Team
    Contact: Erhan Bas (bas at
    Bas, E., & Erdogmus, D. (2011). Principal curves as skeletons of tubular objects: locally characterizing the structures of axons. Neuroinformatics, 9(2-3): 181-191.